Polmarket vällingby, Polish store, Polish delikatesser, Polish food store in stockholm, Polish sausages, Polish products, sokolow, morliny. POLMARKET has existed in the Swedish food market for many years. The experience we have gained during our activities has made us richer with new skills and knowledge in the field we are dealing with. It contributes to the increasingly better service provided to our clients. The priorities that we are developing are a wide range of products, price attractiveness and customer service at a high level. We cooperate with the best Polish food producers, which guarantees high quality of products, attractiveness of prices and most importantly, quality of products guaranteed by the terms of use. We cordially invite you to the largest Polish shop Polmarket, located in Vällingby. On the surface of over 400m2 you will find a wide range of products from Poland, top quality, famous and well-known brands: daily fresh bread and cakes delivery new attention! Czarnkow, Danio, Mlekpol fish products: Lisner, Captain Navi, Rafa ready meals: Pudliszki , Lowicz, Agrovita and other vegetable products: Polan, Farmer, Krakus, Krakowian dresser and other canned fish and meat: Graal, Lisner, King Oscar, Krakus, Tarczynski, Sokolow and other favorite basic products (mayonnaise, ketchup, jams and marmalades spices, fixes, pudding, jelly, jelly, powdered pastry, noodles, pasta, cereal, maki etc) such as: Winiary, Kamis, Knorr, drinks and juices: Tymbark, Hortex, Kubus, Tarczyn, Dr.Witt coffee and Tea: Tchibo, Jacobs, Prima, Inka, Herbapol, Saga and other baby products (porridge, yoghurts, ready meals, milk, teas, etc.): Gerber, BoboVita, Hipp, Bebiko and other sweets: Wedel, Wawel, Solidarnosc , Mieszko and other crisps, sticks, crisps: Lays, Cheetos, Lajkonik. Polish vegetables. Organic Products, Eco, Cosmetics and Chemistry: Ziaja, Bielenda, Eveline, AA Books, Language Courses, Dictionaries, Money Transfer PostNord.

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